Best of the Blog 2020

It’s been my tradition on the last Sunday of the year, to look back at the year that has just past and share with you the Top 5 Most Read and shared blog articles of the past 52-weeks. Maybe you missed them or perhaps you’d like to read them again.

To date, I’ve published 334 articles that have been viewed over 218,000-times around the world.

Most Read Article of 2020

COVID-19 and the global pandemic completely obliterated our 2020 travel plans. But in November, we decided we could just as easily isolate ourselves in a mountain cabin as in our own home and so we traveled to Mount Airy, North Carolina, more affectionately known as “Mayberry USA,” the home town of Andy Griffith.

While there, I discovered the most unique and historic local radio station; WPAQ. Radio in Mayberry USAwould become 2020’s most read blog article.

Sue, (my wife and the editor of this weekly blog) and I are big fans of “The Andy Griffith Show,” TV’s second most popular sitcom behind “I Love Lucy.” Mount Airy embraces the spirit of Mayberry, a time when the most important question of the day was what the special was at the diner.

Read why this article touched the hearts of so many HERE

Second Most Read Article of 2020

Even before COVID-19 would turn radio furloughs into permanent layoffs, the radio industry was eliminating people. What were called RIFs (Reductions In Force) back in 2009, were now being called “dislocations.”

The article, Dislocation is the New RIF would see the most comments of any I had written in 2020 and come in as the second most read and shared article of the year. It was published on January 19, 2020.

Read why the radio industry, so many of us fell in love with and made a career of, is melting away HERE

Third Most Read Article of 2020

Let’s face it, radio sellers have always had to be the best in the business. You couldn’t see, touch, smell or taste radio advertising, it could only be consumed by the ear. But the power to plant the seed of an idea through the ear, can be the most powerful of all the senses when used correctly.

That’s why, when Nielsen announced in 2021, it would only list radio stations in its reports that subscribed to its service and not the audiences of the entire radio market of stations. I along with many others, felt that buying radio advertising would become much more difficult. It’s why I wrote Why Make Radio Advertising Harder to Buy?

Read more about Nielsen’s new “Subscriber First” policy that begins in a matter of days from now HERE

Fourth Most Read Article of 2020

The fourth most read and shared article of 2020, I didn’t even really write. What I wrote about was a simple poem written by Kitty O’Meara, dealing with the 2020 global pandemic, that was being widely shared on social media and labeled as something written about the 1918-1919 global pandemic and how history was repeating itself. My article was a takeoff on a radio feature Paul Harvey made famous, called “The Rest of the Story.” I know you will enjoy this wonderful poem by Kitty titled And the People Stayed Home.”

You can read it HERE

Fifth Most Read Article of 2020

Sue and I are baby boomers. We grew up with radio. I made it my career. So, when our city’s 911 Manager stated, “people don’t listen to radio anymore, but they’re really into social media,” and the head of the British Broadcasting’s Radio division said “radio, as we’ve always known it, has lost the faith of listeners,” I knew I had to write about it in an article titled Where Have All the Baby Boomers Gone?

Sadly, the radio industry continues to jettison the very people that connect its stations with the listening audience, the radio personality.

You can read the article HERE

Most Read Articles, Period

Two of the articles I’ve written over the past five years continue to garner traffic. They are “SiriusXM Radio is Now FREE” and “The Day the Dumbest Idea Invaded the Radio Industry”.

I actually updated my article on SiriusXM, when I read about the incoming 2021 CEO’s plans to consider offering some ad-supported channels that would be receivable by all SiriusXM radios and would not require a subscription. You can read that follow-up article HERE

The record holder for any of my articles, all 334 of them, continues to be “We Never Called It Content”. Over 3,500 people read and shared it the day it was published on Sunday, September 6, 2015 and to date, just shy of 5,000 people have read it and 68-people have left a comment about it. Read it HERE

Why I Blog

I blog for broadcasters, educators and students. I blog to provide media mentorship and to pay-it-forward to the broadcasting industry that I have been a part of for over 50-years. I’m grateful for the more that 164,000 people from all over the world who have visited this blog ( and have read an article that caught their interest.


You can subscribe/follow this blog for FREE and get a copy of each week’s article delivered to your email IN BOX every Sunday morning. To subscribe, simply go to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and click on the FOLLOW button. (If you’re accessing this blog via mobile phone or tablet, that button might not be visible, so be sure to do this on a computer or laptop.)

Thank You for reading, next week I will begin my seventh year of blogging with all new articles.

Together we can all learn from one another by sharing our experiences, knowledge and wisdom. Feel free to contribute your thoughts to the discussion in the comments section. I read every one of them.

Happy New Year!

Dick & Sue


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8 responses to “Best of the Blog 2020

  1. Happy New Year to you two! Let’s hope 2021 let’s us get back to our real life!

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  2. Art Versnick

    Great thoughts, all of them, Dick. I certainly enjoy reading them each week.
    Happy New Year to both you and Sue.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rick

    Happy New Year, Dick. Boy, I had a chill sent down my spine this weekend. WLW Cincinnati, which is very much iHeart Ground Zero, as Clear Channel started here I believe, though HQ was in San Antonio.
    Bill Cunningham had a Christmas Party, and had the kings of talk radio for WLW into his house individually. Really fun. But then Bobby Leach, a former Cincinnati DJ and now the boss of all music programming for iHeart, described his job. He has very much become a corprorate “suit”. He described a lot of things but what hit me was that HE okays every piece of music for iHeart. One man. Decides if it is controversial or has naughty words or whatever. One man. Then, he and his people program the computers determining where EVERY song starts and where every song stops.
    In other words, he has removed the soul of “radio programmers” everywhere. They don’t exist.
    What was a fantastic industry, he has sculpted into white bread uniformity and nothingness.
    Really upset me hearing him speak. He had a coldness to him. And he talked really fast, and emotionless.
    I was born decades too late. This techno age is like sleeping with an icicle.

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    • WOW Rick! What a sad tale you shared.

      I remember when Clear Channel asked all of its stations to report who made decisions on just about every aspect of running their local radio stations. Records played, rotations, jingles, voice talents etc. After completing this survey, ALL of those items went under corporate control, never to return to those on the front lines who were directly in contact with the listeners.

      I thought things might have changed in the 10-years since I left market management, but I guess that was just wishful thinking.


  4. ds52

    Happy New Year Dick & Sue. I admire your discipline to write…and I totally enjoy reading your thoughts …I need a bluetooth connection in my head so I can download all of my thoughts after a hike … to be edited later … maybe someday it will be possible! (of course, then I will want folders so I can sort dinner prep, blog, shopping list…etc)

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    • Happy New Year right back at ya!

      Nice to know that COVID-19 hasn’t slowed you two down. I think we’ve decided that we can do some short trips, using all of the same protocols we use at home.

      Thank You for reading and commenting on the blog.

      Stay Safe.
      -DT & ST


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