Dick Taylor, CRMC/CDMC
Winchester, Virginia

Bio: I’ve been a “Radio Guy” all of my life. My earliest memories were of building a radio station out of tinker toys and pretending I was a disc jockey. Later I would build a radio station in the basement of my parent’s home and using AM & FM transmitters I bought at Radio Shack I would begin broadcasting to my neighborhood for about a three block radius. I began in commercial radio in the 10th grade in high school. A local radio station in my hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts decided to start a Junior Achievement company in radio. This was a really new concept in Junior Achievement as all JA companies at that time were production oriented and a radio station would be a service oriented JA company. I was a member of that first Junior Achievement radio company (WJAC) and it quickly led to a part-time job with that radio station (WBEC). Radio would pay for my college education and graduate degrees, both of which were in education. I loved college and could have very easily become a career student. When I graduated with my Masters Degree, there were no jobs in education to apply my earned degrees but there were radio jobs and I went into the radio business full-time as a program director, operations manager and air personality. Deciding what I’d really like to be is a radio station general manager, I knew that I would need to earn my chops in sales and so I quit my job on the product side of the business and started over at the bottom of the sales ladder as an account executive. I quickly rose to sales manager, station manager and general manager. For 27 years, I operated at the market manager level of the radio industry. I’m a Life Member of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association and Radio Ink Magazine has named me one of radio’s best managers. Former professor of broadcasting at the School of Journalism & Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I have a successful track record in sales and people development, growing top line revenues, achieving leading audience ratings, reducing expenses and meeting bottom line goals. I’m a recognized expert in radio and media regulations. I’m a turnaround specialist. I'm the founding director of the KBA WKU Radio Talent Institute coordinating a professional faculty of broadcasters who teach broadcast students who qualify and are accepted to attend a ten-day intensive program that trains tomorrow’s broadcasters in all aspects of radio station operations. My specialties include: dynamic public speaker/presenter and sales trainer. I currently teach classes in the Process & Effects of Mediated Communications, Broadcast/Internet Sales, Broadcast Performance/Production, Broadcast Management and the History of Broadcasting in America. I hold a BA in Physics/Education, an MS in Educational Communications, the Diamond CRMC (Certified Radio Marketing Consultant) and the CDMC (Certified Digital Marketing Consultant) from the Radio Advertising Bureau. I’m a graduate of Roy H. Williams Wizard Academy and Gitomer Sales Training. Note: The picture on my blog is when I was invited to do a guest disc jockey appearance on The Legend - 650AM - WSM in Nasvhille, Tennessee (July 2014). For this "Radio Guy" doing a four-hour air shift on this legendary clear channel signal radio station was a dream come true.

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  1. Many thanks — I’ve shared with my dad and the entire Minow family. Nell Minow

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  2. Dave Armstrong

    Dick…. Thank you for the informative…thought provoking and entertaining blogs.I spent 50 years in radio…20 years managing in Los Angeles…New York and San Diego. When I retired (sort of) I began working as an independent contractor for various companies. One of them is a company that writes customized books for businesses to use in their marketing. I began talking with various radio stations and newspapers about the concept of creating a group of “Expert” of clients who were experts in their field. They would agree to advertise and be part of a team of experts. The station would then give them a custom book written in their own words…they would promote “The Experts” on air and on their website. They could even create Podcasts dealing with their area of expertise. The client grows their business with radio…the station creates a new revenue stream from nontraditional advertisers and the listeners get “Expert” service. You would think I was from Mars from the reaction I got. An idea so out of the box that people couldn’t wrap their arms around it. A large company like Cumulus could add $60,000,000 in new billing across the country. The fate of radio will depend on people willing to embrace radical new ideas and I don’t think those leading are able to be that open minded. Thank you for your time.
    Have a great day!

    Dave Armstrong
    Paperback Expert

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  3. A colleague of mine in the radio business sent me your blog about The End of Mass Media. I couldn’t agree with you more. The station that I own in Woodstock NY just became the first commercial FM station to be advertising AND listeners supported! Google Radio Woodstock….Listener Supported for more info!

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  4. I would like to get your blog. Can you please send to davevagle@gmail.com

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    • Dave, the way you get my blog via email is by subscribing on the home page of the blog. At the bottom right-hand corner is a “FOLLOW” button. Click on it and you will find a place to enter your email address to begin receiving each week’s article.

      Thanks for asking. -DT


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  6. Dick,
    You old radio guys have such great stories. You should start a podcast. I’d love to help.
    Dave Jackson 
    2018 Hall of Fame Inductee
    Podcast Consultant, Speaker, Author 
    Follow me on Apple or Android text ” sop ” to 31996


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