Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow

Kritin CantrellWhat do you need to do to be successful in life? Adopt these simple nine words as your mantra. “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

I had the opportunity to interview Kristin Cantrell, owner and operator of four radio stations in Frankfort, Kentucky about the radio industry. Kristin said these are exciting times to be in radio, because radio is so well positioned to pull from all the various media platforms and put it together to solve problems for local businesses.

Radio is a “high touch emotion” medium and as long as it continues to deliver all that it’s capable of delivering to the listener, it will always be relevant.

Cantrell will be the first to admit that she has no idea what radio will look like in the future. Maybe we will just say the word “radio” and it will start playing in our ears. Maybe we won’t even have to say anything, just think it and it will start up, like Stephen Hawking can make his computer talk using his thoughts. But what she does know is that wherever radio is going, her radio stations will be there.

Cantrell also knows that radio is better when it reduces clutter. She said when she took over the radio stations in Frankfort; she immediately reduced the commercial inventory per hour on all four of her radio stations. Today she airs ten minutes of commercial messages per hour with a couple of the drive hours running no more than twelve minutes.

If you’re a student who’s thinking of being in the radio industry, Cantrell advises that you be well read, passionate and genuine. People who have these qualities will succeed.

It all comes down to just nine simple words: “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

If you’d like to see my interview with Kristin, you can view it here:

Kristin really must love what she’s doing as she just recently announced the purchase of seven more radio stations in Pennsylvania.

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