Great Radio Takes A Team Effort

Looking back on my radio career that’s spanned over five decades, one thing is crystal clear, the success of each of the radio properties I worked at, was due to a team of people.

It Takes A Team

Whether we’re talking about your education, working in an office, performing on a stage, participating in a sport or being on the radio, nothing would happen if it wasn’t for a team of people, all working together, to make the magic happen.

Great radio takes dedicated professionals in all areas, including engineering, news/information, promotions, on-air personalities, programming, sales, billing and management.

Successful teams are the ones that have learned how to work together to meet and beat their goals.

Your First Team

The first team you were on was “Team Family.” Your mom and dad, along with maybe brothers and/or sisters, offered you love, support and guidance. As you grew older school introduced you to learning and sports teams.

Each of these experiences prepared you for entering the workforce where you learned that personal limitations could be balanced by others who were strong in areas you were not; no one has all the answers.

We Need Each Other

Successful radio stations are filled with people who excel in different skills and caringly collaborate; much like the human body needs all of its parts working in harmony to produce a healthy person.

To carry this a bit further, for a radio station to truly be successful, it needs to become part of another team; “Team Community.”

Radio stations that are active participants in the area they are licensed to serve become interwoven into the fabric of their community. They bring people together and create a positive energy for the betterment of everyone.

If you’re a radio listener, can you name a radio station that does this for you?

If you’re an owner/operator of a radio station, can you honestly say your property is fulfilling this mission?

“If everyone is moving forward together,

then success takes care of itself.”

-Henry Ford


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5 responses to “Great Radio Takes A Team Effort

  1. Mike Buxser

    So very true. As a 50+ years radio broadcaster I don’t want to come off as one of those old guys who screams it was better in my day. What you have written explains the fundamental difference in radio today versus the 60’s thru the 80’s. That sense of team. The commitment to overcome all obstacles and win together. The focus on serving the community. I call it the if we can dream it, we can do it attitude. It still exists, but only in a few places. The radio business seems to me to be always trying to catch up and running scared. Survival versus innovation. I get it. With the way the big companies operate I’d probably be in a survival mode too. When a business is weak at the top, that weakness permeates throughout. Nicely written Dick.

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  2. So true…THE TEAM is everything. A great one makes the entire station invincible. Thank you, Professor Dick.

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  3. Another important member of the “team” you overlooked was the advertisers. Of course this ties in with being a member of the community. If you make an investment in the community, I think for the most part.. that community (including advertisers) will support your efforts.

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  4. But of course…nothing happens until something gets sold. And unless you have a team of people producing great radio, you have nothing to sell that will benefit an advertiser.

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