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On The Road Again

It was over a year ago that COVID-19 would close down the world, and with it, all of our travel plans for 2020. I vividly remember how I had no sooner completed booking all of our flights, hotel rooms and even a cruise to Alaska, that I would be back on my computer cancelling all of them. Like you, Sue & I would be looking for toilet paper, Lysol and face masks. That first time I wore a mask into my local bank, I felt so self-conscious and never imagined myself doing such a thing.

15 Months Later

Beginning this week, we’re ready to travel again. We’re fully vaccinated, own an assortment of masks and have learned to carry hand sanitizer in our pockets. On our travel agenda is visiting our children and grandchildren on the West Coast.

Bucket List 2018-2019

Two years ago, we departed on a cross-country road trip of over 11,000-miles that allowed us to see from the ground, many of the places we had flown over at 30,000-feet most of our lives. The 2018 road trip took in the northern half of the USA. In 2019, we traveled about 9,000-miles covering the southern states.

We checked off many sites that were on our Bucket List:

  • River Boat Cruise on the Mississippi River
  • Seeing “Music & the Spoken Word” in Tabernacle Hall in Salt Lake City
  • Visiting the Hoover Dam
  • Riding the Hooterville Cannonball to Petticoat Junction
  • Taking a mud bath and drinking wine in Napa Valley
  • Walking through a giant Redwood Forest in California
  • Sitting in the cockpit of the Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose”
  • Watching Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park
  • Touring the “House on the Rock” in the Dells of Wisconsin
  • Cruising across Lake Michigan aboard the historic S. S. Badger
  • Standing in the studio of Motown records at Hitsville, USA
  • In Detroit, touring the Henry Ford & Greenfield Village and oh, so much more

Bucket List 2021

This year our Bucket List includes visiting Glacier National Park in northern Montana, a night at the Bavarian Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington and taking my first Amtrak train trip from Seattle back home to Virginia.

But the part that we are most looking forward to is spending time with our children and grandchildren in Nevada, Montana and Washington.

What About the Blog?

Since I anticipate very little online time during this seven week trip, I have been writing blog articles that will automatically post to this blog site while I’m on the road. I know some folks have become “addicted” to this weekly muse and so I don’t want anyone to suffer withdrawal.

Now is a good time to go to the blog website: https://DickTaylorBlog.com and sign-up to receive my weekly articles via email each Sunday morning at 3AM.

Thank You for reading and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

It’s by sharing our wisdom, experiences and perspectives that we all learn and grow together.


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