Content Creation with Ryan Recker

Ryan WreckerToday, I’m happy to welcome a guest blogger to my blog site; Ryan Recker.

In 2012 Ryan was given the opportunity to program the legendary WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Ryan is a hands on programmer… doing just about everything from hosting mornings, doing the afternoon talk show, daily newscasts, running the board, and creating content across all mediums.  In the two years that Ryan has been WOWO’s program director, the station has won:

  • Marconi Award for Medium Market Station of the Year
    4 Spectrum Awards, including Station of the Year, Best Breaking News AND Best Newscast (which Ryan won)
    2 AP Indiana News Awards
    Federated Media Program Director of the Year 

Ryan is a cutting edge radio programmer that’s interested in content creation.  He kicked off a new series of videos on this very subject recently and Ryan reached out to me to be a part of it.  I’d like to share that video with you now.

Here’s Ryan Wrecker to introduce it:

I want to thank Phil Hendrie, Craig Benzine and Dick Taylor who spent some time to share a little part of their craft.  These are some really creative guys in their own rights, and they’re part of a small group of people who just ‘get it’.

For more in this series, visit Ryan’s blog:

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