Being Grateful

15There are times when the stresses that are part of everyday life can occupy a place way beyond their level of importance in the grand scheme of things. Its times like those that you need to take a time-out and remember all the things in your life you have to be grateful about.


This year, I’m grateful for three wonderful grand children that are all happy, healthy and developing into unique individuals.


I’m grateful for their parents who make their children their first priority and love them with all their heart and soul.


I’m grateful that my two sons have set exciting and meaningful goals for their lives and in so doing are working hard to make our world a safer and better place for all of us.


I’m thankful for my two older brothers that always have been there for me through ups and downs, thick and thin.


I’m grateful that I’ve come to accept myself for exactly who I am, while still having boundless curiosity and a desire to never stop learning and growing.


I’m grateful that I’ve learned how to slow down. Life is meant to be savored. It’s not getting to the finish line first but about enjoying the journey.


I’m grateful for having enough. Less is more. Too much of anything is usually toxic.


I’m grateful for each day when I can add more value to the world than I consume.


I’m grateful for learning that every situation provides an opportunity to learn something; even the difficult ones, life goes by so fast.


I’m grateful that a career in radio that I started in the 10th grade in high school would allow me to pay for my college education, graduate school and raise a family. It’s a career that was all I ever wanted to do besides one day paying-it-forward through teaching the next generation of broadcasters.


I’m grateful that I finally started a blog this past year. It’s been one of the most personally rewarding and enriching things I’ve undertaken this past year.


I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met on this journey called life, people who were only strangers until we said “hello,” and then became friends for life.


One of my mentors, Zig Ziglar said: “You can get anything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” I’ve tried to live those words every day.


I have so many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving 2015. I’m sure you do too.


Remember you may make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.


Today, I’m grateful for YOU.


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12 responses to “Being Grateful

  1. Steve Miller

    Well said Dick. Happy Turkey to you and your entire family

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  2. Bruce Torrey

    Good morning Dick. I dare say it has been quite some time. I would like nothing more than to catch up some day. Happy Turkey Day to you and your family. Bruce

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  3. Dick – also grateful for – YOU!! So happy we’ve stayed connected! here’s to a banner 2016! -Kevin

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  4. spotmagicsolis

    That was nice, Dick. thanks. You like Ziggy too. I followed him on fb until he died and now his son has taken over. His tapes are fun and productive listening too.

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  5. Vladislav Bogomolow

    Mind if I have someone read this on my television show click on watch, click on channel 16, type in ( music for your soul). It was nice seeing you at the P.H.S. reunion.
    Vlad Bogomolow, producer/host of Music For your Soul


  6. Rick Brancadora

    Dick.. as a veteran broadcaster, you continue to be selfless and a tireless advocate for our beloved profession. Your continued willingness to help young people find a productive career in broadcasting is second to none. I am sure, just as in your case, you had a mentor. For me it was John Wheeling, who went on to CBS and WTOP NewsRadio in DC. Thank you for your outstanding stewardship to the many students, broadcast employees, and staffers around the country who are continually blessed by your wisdom, integrity and heart for this most personal and intimate form of media. As you’ve said “live and local”.. can your app do that? You have taught us that world class radio demands dedication and commitment and I am thankful for your constant guidance for
    so many.

    Rick Brancadora- President/CEO WIBG,LLC/Gold Coast Communications,LLC

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