Taking a Media Break


Back with a new article in two weeks.

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One response to “Taking a Media Break

  1. While our mentor Dick Taylor is “on vacation,” why don’t we readers comment anyway? A different kind of “media break,” several of our aquaintances who are either sick of or no longer “entertained” by the antics in Washington and too many other levels of government have dimmed and silenced their devices, turning off any news, and not for only a couple of weeks. I for one don’t agree that this is a good idea. A democracy relies on an informed public, and beyond that, a public that, given the right of free speech, speaks out. Being informed may not be enough because it doesn’t contribute to the discussion as speaking out does, possibly to inform others, even effect a bit of change. Like readers of a free press, not all will hear\read these opinions, as we also have the right to ignore them. But doing nothing beyond passively listening\reading virtually assures the status quo, even if it is not desirable. It’s why call-in radio (in my market “invented” by 40yr newsman Alan Raber at WKAP in Allentown) and commenting on the Internet not only exists, but flourishes…} ;<{)#


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