Road Trip Time Again

2019 Southern Cross-Country Road Trip

We’re off again!

Last year we drove over 11,000-miles on a Cross-Country Road Trip that took us from our home in Virginia to the State of Washington and back. You can read more about the planning of our 2018 trip HERE and the re-cap of our adventure HERE.

Yesterday, we set-off on our 2019 Cross-Country Road Trip that will take us from Virginia to the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a visit with Pennie & Roy Williams (aka The Wizard of Ads) on the campus of The Wizard Academy just outside of Austin, Texas, a trip to Mission Control in Houston where they’ve recreated the nerve center that put the first man on the moon 50-years ago, a trip down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a moment to reflect on a historic moment in American Civil Rights at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama and lots more along the way, finally returning home.

Our road trip this year will be only 3-weeks long and under 5,000-miles.

When we complete our 2019 Road Trip, Alaska will be the only state in America we both have not visited.

This blog will be on vacation for the next three weeks.

I’ll return with a new article on Sunday, November 3rd.



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9 responses to “Road Trip Time Again

  1. Andrew Lindemuth

    Don’t forget to visit Walter Whites house from Breaking Bad while you are in New Mexico.

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  2. Aaron Read

    Hit the Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo! But remember to stop by a hardware store on the way out there and get a couple cans of spray paint so you can join the tradition of leaving your mark. 🙂


  3. aaronread1

    OH WOW! You’re going to be driving right through Coleman, Texas, aren’t you? That’s where my wife’s uncles live! You’ll see why that’s an “oh wow” moment when you get there; it’s almost literally the middle of nowhere. 🙂 I’ve been out there a bunch of times, although honestly I don’t know much about the town because we usually stay out on Bruce’s ranch about 10 miles east of town. (next door by local standards!) It’s just kinda funny that somewhere so remote and isolated is a place that both of us will have been to. 🙂


    • Hi Aaron,

      If we went through Coleman, TX, we sure didn’t know it. Most of our travel between stopping points is via the Interstate Hwy system.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog.


      • Aaron Read

        T’aint too many interstate highways ‘tween Austin and Albuquerque. But you’d be forgiven for cruising through Coleman and not really noticing. First of all, the “back roads” out there are designed to be driven at 55MPH at least…lots of folks routine do 75 on them. Second, Coleman’s pretty damn small. You can get through it in less than 60 seconds and you’d probably only hit one traffic light on the way. Third, you could’ve just as easily gone through San Angelo via US87 and not gone through Coleman at all (Coleman’s on US84). But nevertheless, you saw some lovely back country out that way, I’m sure! 🙂

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      • Aaron, I just went back and reviewed our maps and, you’re right, we DID pass right through Coleman, TX on 153 South.

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      • aaronread1

        You blinked and missed it! LOL 🙂

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