A Thousand Years

wedding day 2018Sue, I have loved you for “a thousand years.”

All along I believed I would find you.

Time has brought your heart to me, and I will be forever grateful.

Today we celebrate the 1st Anniversary of our Best Day!

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.


Back next week with a new article about “Radio’s Brain Challenge.”


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8 responses to “A Thousand Years

  1. Larry White

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

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  2. Happy Anniversary Sue and Dick! As someone who was lucky enough to meet Mrs Right in 1977, thanks to a NABET strike at WABC (see, I tied it into radio), and who just celebrated 40 years of marriage at the end of September, Susie and I wish you a full, happy, and loving life together! All our best!

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    • Thank You Frank & Sue. While it took us 63-years to find each other, it’s amazing that it feels like we’ve always been one. We feel truly blessed.

      Keep blogging about your travel adventures, they only add fuel to our own burning desires to travel the world.

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  3. ds52

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Having a soulmate is soooooooo special. Enjoy your journey ….

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  4. Don

    Congratulations! My wife, also Sue and I celebrated anniversary #48 on 12-18-19. We look forward to many, many more, God willing. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog each week.

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