Thank You Sue

I knew from the moment our eyes first met, that you were someone special.

When I asked you to share your life with me and you said “YES,” it was magical.

This week we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of our Best Day!

2020 has been a very challenging year, but loving you wasn’t.

I’m grateful for everything you do.

Thank You.

I Love You.

P.S. Thank You Sue for editing this weekly blog.

(Today’s I edited on my own.)


Next Week: Media Convergence, As Cold as Ice


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12 responses to “Thank You Sue

  1. Art Versnick

    CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!

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  2. What is it about having the love of your life named Sue? They are truly special people, and those of us blessed with them are beyond blessed! From my Sue and my blessed self, Happiest of Anniversaries to you two and many, many more! Enjoy the day and do something special!


    PS…perhaps one of your better blogs!

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  3. ds52

    Happy Anniversary – it is special when you realize you have married your best friend.


  4. Larry White

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations to the two of you! May your happiness continue for all of the years to come!

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  5. Maynard Meyer

    Congratulations! I admire any woman willing to attach herself to anyone who is in the radio business! My wife Deb and I will celebrate 42 years in December. She has been with me for the entire journey in radio and she’s still here! Here’s to many more years for you and Sue!

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